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Bosch ROS20VSK - 5 In. Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

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The Bosch ROS20VS is designed to give even the most exacting finish carpenters, cabinet makers, woodworkers and others exactly what they want, beginning with great performance and results. The optimized combination of pad orbit and rotation delivers fast removal and a well-blended, ultra-smooth finish. Bosch's integral pad dampening system, a pad braking system, is designed to eliminate the most common complaint of random orbit sander users; swirl marks on the workpiece. Finish quality is further enhanced with the use of a soft microcellular backing pad. The pliable pad ensures a smooth, fine finish on flat or contoured surfaces.


  • Durable and compact twist-off dust canister shows dust level and easily detaches
  • Micro-filter system for optimal filtering of fine dust and trapping particles as small as a 1/2-micron in diameter
  • Hook-Tight™ hook & loop disc attachment - contains over 35,000 long-life hooks ensure from grip of the disc
  • Comfortable soft-grip top and body - multiple grip positions to prevent hand fatigue
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  1. Great Sander Review by docle

    Great sander for the home owner or the professional! (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  2. Great Sander Review by lmccullin

    I bought this today. And let me say this. It is s a great random orbit sander. Actually the best one I have ever used. The best thing about it is their is almost no dust. When i say almost no dust, the only dust present was left on the wood . I didn't use a shop vac or any other type of suction device. I was using 60 grit sand paper and pushing a little hard and still no dust in the air.
    The next bestfeaturee is the speedcontroll. Theirr are 6 settings, witch give a lot ofcontroll on the sandingservicee. Even with it turned up to 6 i could not tell thedifferencee in vibration when it was set on 2.
    My Wife even liked this sander. And i wilrecommendnd it to every one i now. Thanks Bosch Team for making a great sander. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  3. soft grip + long lasting Review by marf3000

    I bought this after my buddy let me borrow his for the weekend. I am glad I did because this is comfortable to use and you won't find that with many orbital sanders. Usually your hand just vibrates after you put it down. With this Bosch sander, I finished my boat decking easily. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  4. Excellent sander. Review by Mikestoolarsenal

    I purchased this sander to further expand my woodworking arsenal of tools and I am very pleased with this purchase so far. I am new into wood working but have done many DIY projects/home repairs in the past and I think this is the best random orbital sander in its size that I have used.
    Your hand does not go numb after using this sander and the design is very comfortable to use. There are a few different areas of the sander that have rubber grip so you can reposition your hand if it gets a little fatigued. Although what I like most of all is the dust collection! It's really amazing how much dust this sander traps. I find no need to wear a mask when using this sander.
    There are only a couple of small cons that I can say about this sander. First off it comes with an adapter so I can connect my shop vacuum if I choose to do so. Well there is no way for the adapter or the vacuum hose to lock on, so it eventually wants to fall off just from the weight of the vacuum hose itself. The other thing is that the filter inside the dust canister just seems to be made of some sort of paper media. So while I have not had this sander long enough to know for sure, I am just assuming that some-day this filter will lose its filtering capabilities or become clogged and need replacing. Well I looked on Bosch's site to see how much a new filter would be and it appears that you cannot just buy the filter but have to purchase a whole new dust canister when/if time comes. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  5. Great Sander - Even on the Cheap Review by colinandhilary

    Was moving into a new place and didn't want to buy a bunch of furniture, so decided to refinish some old stuff & make some. Was moving from overseas so basically had zero tools with me.

    This was one of the first tools I bought after a lot of research, and even though it's more expensive than many sanders you see, it is well worth the premium.

    Dust collection is excellent, in fact if I need to sand something around the house will reach for this often as it creates way less dust than using a piece of sandpaper.

    Variable speed, which I thought would be a gimmick, is actually very useful. As I didn't have many other tools I tended to 'abuse' this one by using it for all sorts of stuff it really isn't design for (rounding edges, smoothing curves, etc). Always worked great.

    It's worthwhile finding the hard baseplate if you can too, can then use this for more serious material removal. Carrying case holds tool + some sandpaper. The sandpaper in envelopes doesn't fit too well though, they should have made a little more room to hold extra sandpaper I think.

    Use by my girlfriend as well a lot, she found it pretty comfortable, and liked the variable speed as she was more comfortable with it set a little slower. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  6. great results Review by Toolmac

    Works great right out of box. sanding pads stay on well. Will use this product for many years to come. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  7. Nice tool to use, very little vibration felt. Review by SirJames49

    Good dust collector, but not convenient, having to pull apart to clean too often.

    A pleasure to use.

    Next time put a flat top on the unit so it can be set down without having to wait for it to stop. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  8. Now a big fan of Random Orbit Review by DIYGUY

    I fell in love with this Sander seeing the finishes you can get with this model. The VS is very nice to have as well. With a low grit you can remove a lot of material VERY quickly and fill up your filter - but of course with the right adapter it attaches to your shop vac. Can't go wrong with this Sander. (Posted on 9/26/2013)


    I borrowed one of these sanders from a fellow worker to touch up some rather rough drywall mud spots in a rehab house and I could not believe the end results. The final finish was enough to make a pro proud. It's light weight easy handling design makes for a great must have tool for any project large or small! Since the kit comes with an adapter for a vacuum hook up makes the product that much more sensible. Two thumbs up from this consumer. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  10. Very desapointed Review by RENORESCUEINC

    Within 2 1/2 months of use, I had to buy 3 new velcro soft pads at $24.00 ea. So basically the price of another sander... One of them didn't even last ONE day of heavier use. I don't even want to use it anymore and it's back in the original case collecting dust.
    Called Bosh warranty department and quickly waved me off saying it was a degradable part of the tools and there was nothing they could do!!!
    BOSH in now on my BLACK LIST!!! (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  11. Great sander, easy to use. Review by projectgeek

    This sander is very very good, Excellent ergonomics, well balanced and easy to hold and operate without any fatigue or discomfort. The dust filter and collector is very effective but is a little difficult to empty and clean. I need to find some tips on making this party a bit easier to handle but I can live with that as a minor inconvenience. It is a great sander with outstanding value. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  12. Lack Of Power Severly Limits Usefulness Review by Bob

    I wanted to replace my old ROS, because I needed a new hook and loop pad and it cost almost half the price of a new sander. In October 2011 I bought the Bosch ROS20VSK from Amazon. It is rated at 2.5 amps, versus 3.0 amps for my old sander. The old sander had always performed well and I thought the Bosch rating was close enough so it would perform in a similar manner. Was I ever wrong! The Bosch stalls out whenever any force is applied to the pad. Some jobs, like stripping paint, are literally impossible using the Bosch. It appears to be designed for sanding balsa wood to make model ships. I finally went back to my old sander, using the adhesive pad that came with it. I just had to use different sand paper than I had been using.

    Also, I was not impressed with the Bosch’s dust collection, which is noticeably superior on my old sander. After trying out the Bosch on several projects, I have put it away - never to be used again. Based on my experience with this product, I will be very unlikely to purchase any other Bosch power tools. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  13. Excellent with one minor flaw. Review by ONH

    Excellent sander that provides a quality finish to my projects. Connect to a vac for complete dust control. Kit has plenty of room for storing snding discs. Only drawback is the paper filter which requires replacement if you are not using a vac. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  14. Works as described and expected Review by LMC

    This is my fist ROS tool and i don't have any points of comparison. This said, I don't feel the need to go compare with or try something else because the sander works very well for my application.

    I make plaques and trophies as a hobby and realized soon enough that a small oscillating sander can work well in certain situations but are not very effective for large/flat surface. I thought I'd try this ROS and it works just as advertised.

    I was told that swirly marks tend to be an issue with such devices but I did not experience this issue. I start the tool at low speed, apply it to my work surface and slowly increase the speed as desired and it works like a charm.

    I saw in other reviews that other users wished the unit had a flat top surface to make it easier to change the sanding disk and I tend to agree. I guess it is a trade off between ergonomy and convenience.

    I wanted to add that I find Bosh's product registration process very convenient. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  15. A terrific sander Review by Donald

    Ergonomically perfect, on-off switch in the right place, very quiet, light weight tool, good dust filter with canister and with vacuum. Requires very little pressure and works well for small and large hands. I made the right choice. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  16. A Very Nice Sander Review by Phil Barre

    I am extremely happy with this sander and the price I paid. I use it for personal and professional work so it is running often and it is the one I grab out of my truck for all moderate to finish sanding. It runs very smooth and quiet with a comfortable grip and a well placed switch. I'm not a fan of any built in dust collection for any power tool, but when I need to do a quick sand in a clean area, this dust canister/filter works well. My only small gripe is that the canister cover is hard to remove. When I have my shop vac available, the connector that comes with the kit works perfectly. Great case as well. You will not be disappointed in this unit. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  17. Fantastic Sander Review by Thomas Wilson

    This sander is fantastic. I did A LOT of research and read tons of review before purchasing this product. It has not disappointed! Very fast stock removal, superb dust collection, and very comfortable to use for extended amounts of time. Thanks Bosch! (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  18. Great product! Review by Warren

    This Bosch variable speed sander is comfortable to use with its low vibration and noise level. Also, the filter is quite effective in collecting dust which minimizes the amount of clean up. It's a pleasure to use compared to my old pad sander. For the money, this is the one to buy.

       (Posted on 9/26/2013)

  19. Nice little tool Review by boschmanbrian

    I bought a refurbished model, it is great for all types of sanding, and the dust collecting system works great. (Posted on 9/26/2013)

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